Selecting a Christmas Tree

Tower-n-Pines Farm grows six different varieties of Christmas tree.  Read below to find the tree that's best for your home.


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Colorado Blue Spruce

A traditional favorite, the Blue Spruce has striking blue color.   Stiff branches make hanging ornaments easy.

Scotch Pine

A good all-around tree with fairly soft needles and stiff branches.

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Norway Spruce

A very nice tree, this variety is more prone to loosing it's needles, so don't pick this one 'til after December 10!

White Spruce

Short needles and stiff branches make decorating this tree a snap!

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Canaan Fir

A new variety for Tower-n-Pines farm, the Canaan Fir features the soft needles firs are known for.

Eastern White Pine

Known for its long, soft needles, the White Pine is a favorite for families with children.